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A Mesquite duo is getting the community involved in a musical project through “Restore the Joy!” an album written by Paige Lehmann about her time with her late grandfather, Thomas Lehmann, and produced by Mitch Mitchell. – Anny Sivilay

“Restore the Joy!” is a collection of instrumental and lyrical songs that Lehmann describes as “Winnie the Pooh meets Mozart” and honors the time she spent with her grandfather. – Anny Sivilay

Richland College

“I hope to give the students opportunities they can’t even imagine,” said Lehmann. “I hope they walk away from ‘Restore the Joy!’ – Katie

Lehmann is working with Mitch Mitchell, local producer and owner of Piano Note 1 Productions in Mesquite, to create this album. The duo chose three students to help with the album: Haniston Halloway and Lilia Mease from Dr. John Horn High School in Mesquite, and Jonvieve Pelino from North Mesquite High School, who will be playing violin and cello for the album. In addition to giving these students experience producing an album, each one will also receive a $1,000 scholarship for future academic endeavors. The scholarship money was donated by Mesquite Chiropractic and Injury, the Mesquite Arts Council, Lehmann, Mitchell and individuals in the community in support of the project. – Katie