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What is Restore the Joy?

Restore the Joy! is a collection of instrumental and lyrical songs written for those seeking an uplifting experience. The entire album evolved from Paige’s late grandfather, Thomas Lehmann’s (Papaw!), hymn Restore the Joy. In Paige’s childhood life, Papaw was the best partner-in-crime a girl could ask for! From playing imagination in a cardboard box, writing silly songs, to sharing fruit-jammers underneath a tree, there was never a dull moment in their world.

You can look forward to hearing beautiful music inspired by the spirit of pure childhood joy & love!


Paige Lehmann is a composer with her eyes set on the local community of Mesquite, Texas. Her dream is to see people light up through song. Her music is designed to cheer the heart & engage the mind! Her inspiration comes from the health of the spirit & love itself. She currently works for her parent’s chiropractic business, Mesquite Chiropractic & Injury, and runs her own radio show, Millennials in the Know, on the local radio leader, KEOM.

Paige’s musical themes were significantly developed while au pairing in Paris, France. She wants to bring the joy & peace she felt abroad to everyone around her!


Mitch Mitchell is a local producer in Mesquite, Texas, with an exceptional ability to create positive relationships between an artist and himself, the producer.  He is heavily involved in the Mesquite community as the head sound technician at the Mesquite Arts Center, & an active member of the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce.

Mitch developed his musical ear to understand multiple genres, and has recorded musical styles from hip-hop to Cumbia. He is using his 10 years of music production experience to bring Restore the Joy! to life.

Mesquite MISD Schools 

Mesquite MISD Students 


Lilla Mease  –  Violin 1 


Jonvieve Pelino– Violin 2


Haniston Halloway – Cellist